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Cash Transfers Solution

About Us

We are a startup company with the vision to help those who cannot help themselves especially the most deprived individuals by finding solutions for the Charity sector that would enable them to streamline their operation and be able to respond promptly to disasters and humanitarian crises.

Our team comprises of extremely dedicated individuals coming from various backgrounds, who have provided professional consultancy and software solutions for over a decade.

We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amount of data and transactions. Additionally we have also taken part in a wide range of GIS application developments.

Our team has been involved in the Cash Transfer Programming also known as Cash Based Intervention’s or Cash and Voucher Assistance since 2014. Cash transfer programming may be one of the oldest examples of how people help their fellow human beings in crisis, but of late has been reborn in terms of its significance to humanitarian response. Evidence has shown that in the right circumstances, giving people cash is a superior and less expensive way to meet their needs. This rapidly developing sector faces a number of challenges, such as the technical aspects of ensuring a safe transfer, the need to better understand the conditions under which CTP will be effective, and what CTP might look like within various thematic areas (e.g., health, shelter). Our main focus is to assist the humanitarian sector respond at the earliest whilst ensuring that there is a thorough audit trail which is becoming a growing requirement from Donors especially since it creates visibility of where the money is being spent.

In 2018 alone there were over 135 million people in need of Aid while only 98 million of them receive aid in the form of Goods, Cash and Vouchers. UNOCHA

Our Proposed Solution for Cash Transfer Programme

3MB solution CTP platform

Our proposed solution will work towards breaking free from the barriers that currently restrict speed of programme delivery by the charity sector whilst ensuring that there is an audit trail to fulfil donor requirements. It’s an end-to-end solution ranging from beneficiary on boarding, monitoring and disbursement under one platform

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